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R:BASE (RBASE) is the defacto standard in programming languages for the design of and maintenance of powerful relational database management systems (RDMS).

Dane Data Systems began programming in 1986, utilizing the R:BASE (RBASE) programming language exclusively. RBASE was selected for it's power and ease of use. We specialize inproviding programming solutions for business and personal use. We are an authorized R:BASE developer and solution provider.

We adhere to three basic principles in the design of data management products:

  • high performance   
  • data integrity   
  • ease of use   

We also provide web hosted database applications without limitation to local area networks. Fully functional applications are developed in days, with a focus on R:BASE

R:BASE Authorized Developer

Is a large amount of your time being spent keeping track of your inventory, or your customer list? Has the lack of suitable database packages in the market forced you to try and create your own? Is the lack of either time or knowledge preventing you from completing your project?Are you amassing a large quantity of data and information that you want to use to improve your business practices? 

Dane Data Systems offers database conversion, application design and development on a variety of relational database engines. Our principle work is in R:BASE 9.1. We also offer consulting services for the Internet, Intranet, Retail, Legal, Service, and Manufacturing industries; locally and internationally.

We offer conversions between various database engines including Lotus Notes, FoxPro, and SQL Server. Contact us for information regarding conversion services.


Converting older R:BASE database applications can be done in two ways—a straight upgrade to the current versions keeping existing functionality—or better yet—a simple upgrade of the database with a re-design of the user interface, using today’s tech tools.  Increase productivity, save keystrokes and automate tasks that could not be done in older programs.

Additionally exisiting applications written in Paradox, FoxPro and many more can be converted to an R:BASE application.

Database Application and Design Services

  • R:BASE  
  • Oracle  
  • Lotus Notes  
  • Lotus Approach  
  • Visual FoxPro  
  • SQL Server  

Providing solutions for

  • Internet Inventory  
  • Dispatching Programs  
  • Bar Code Inventory Control  
  • Sales Management  
  • Office File Management  
  • Budgetary Control  
  • Tooling Control  
  • Option Pricing  
  • Project Management  
  • Sales Tracking  
  • Customer Support Databases  
  • Target Tracking  
  • Distribution Analysis Systems  
  • Sales Reporting